The Balci Plaza HotelPrepare to be wooed by the unspoiled beauties of Mother Nature at its finest...

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Discover The Unspoiled Beauties of Nature & Historical Treasures Bestowed Upon, Dip Karpaz – The Peninsular of North Cyprus.

The idyllic setting of the Karpaz Peninsula and The Balci Plaza Hotel lies between a little bit of heaven close to nature and beckons you to the beautiful world of the BALCI PLAZA.

Prepare to be wooed by the unspoiled beauties of Mother Nature at its finest. Prepare to enjoy the songbird, colour and splendor nature offers amidst the pleasurable facilities and hospitality of The Balcı Plaza hotel complete with Eco garden, vegetable garden and small farm. Private beachfront cove and sandy beach exclusive to the hotel has an honesty bar, where flavours and colors blend to mesmerising levels, here you’re able to experience the unique setting where nothing else matters...

Balcı Plaza Hotel is set deep in the heart of serene nature, amidst cinematic views of the coastline stretching for miles and miles here Mediterranean beaches wash ashore the cleanest waters to a tranquil sandy cove. Astounding natural sights, coastlands stretch from to cove to cove and point to the focal beauties of Cyprus fauna, historical landmarks and structures of interest dotted on this glorious Mediterranean coastline. Geographically enjoys more than 370 species of birds, plus more than 50 species of butterflies.

Sites & Places of Interest
Ayios Philon
Karpaz National Park Wild Donkey Protection Area
Kings Hill
Yeni Erenkoy Farmers Market
Golden Beach
Büyükkonuk Eco Village
Dip Karpaz Village

Leisure Facilities
Private Beach and Beach Bar Hasan Balci Restaurant Water Sports
Karpaz Gate Marina

Diving – Cycling – Hiking – Nature Trails – Trekking – Bird Spotting and much more.

North Cyprus Local Information
History Climate Language Airports Taxi Car Rental
Banks ATM Hospitals Yeni Erenkoy Health Centre 9 kilometers
Emergency Services nearby

Balcı Plaza Hotel Eco Garden & Small FarmAttractions and Places of Interest

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10,000 years of rich history and treasures are sure to awake the imagination and soul, this is a place with an awarded tag of culture and warm hospitality. Historical treasures and culture make this part of the Eastern Peninsular the crown jewel of the island and quite the worldwide attraction when it comes to land marks that matter and touristic resorts.

Karpaz National Park and Wild Donkey Preservation Area, Caretta Turtle Beach, Cyprus Fauna, Birds, Butterflies, Turtles and Donkeys, cove after cove of pristine beaches. golden sands, nature walks, 320 days mediterranean sunshine, trekking, hiking, bicycling, historical excursions, touristic sight-seeing attractions, forest nature, fishing, beach weddings, natural sights, water sports, historical sight-seeing, culturally warm Eco environment combined with uninterrupted Mediterranean coastline where miles of sandy beaches offer rare cinematic views of nature make this a paradise for nature lovers!

The Karpaz region which possesses the cleanest shimmering seashores has untold treasures waiting to be discovered. Numerous facilities and coves with miles of beaches where you can swim to your hearts content. Enjoy the stunning landscape of Mother Nature, turquoise sea and yellow sands not forgetting the occasional natural sight of donkeys wandering around the Eco environment – Dip Karpaz says hello and welcome!

Customer ReviewsSharing your reviews

Great location and nice people
We had an overall enjoyable experience here. It's located in a great spot to explore the peninsula. *Tip - Facebook and Tripadvisor show the correct location, Google Earth does not. That was a bit confusing for us but there are signs leading up to the entrance so it makes it easy to spot as you approach. The staff was friendly and the food really good.

Los Angeles, California

Customer ReviewsSharing your reviews

A perfect introduction to Northern Cyprus!
This hotel was a great place to stay on my first trip to Cyprus. The landscape is beautiful, the beach was lovely and water so warm. I could happily stay there for many hours. Our room was spacious, well equipped and the AC worked very well. The staff were incredibly friendly, really seemed to want to get to know us and wanted to help improve our stay in any way they could.

Debbie G

Customer ReviewsSharing your reviews

Love it
Having stayed at the Balci Plaza for a number of times on this trip we stayed for 10 days hopefully our next trip will be for even longer. We have grown to love this place and area, it is relatively untouched by the building boom to be seen in the Kyrenia and Famagusta and has all the essence of 'old Cyprus. We arrived late after a long journey to be greeted by Hasan with a lovely meal with wine and beer. The weather was beautiful, the sea really warm, October is a really good time to visit. We spent many a happy hour on the pretty private beach with two of Hasan's rescue dogs, Spot and the little one, (great fun)...

Sevenoaks, United Kingdom

Customer ReviewsSharing your reviews

Lovely location and great food
I really need enjoyed my stay at this hotel, the staff was professional and the food was delicious. Had access to a beautiful beach and the hotel did a good job accommodating our large group. Hasan did a good job to make sure we were comfortable and felt at home.

Richmond, Virginia

Customer ReviewsSharing your reviews

Excellent for groups
We spent three nights at this hotel. The grounds are sprawling and beautiful. The private beach is amazing. Hasan is a good cook and an excellent host. The apartments are simple and clean with air-conditioning. We brought a group of 30 and everyone was satisfied. We had a gathering twice a day for which we use a shaded tent right outside the rooms, but there was an indoor facility at the restaurant that we could have used if we wanted also.

Ryan K

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Balcı Plaza Hotel & Restaurant
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